Polished rock chips.

Easy way to see ore minerals in reflected light.



Zechstein limeston (Ca1) with copper ore - Polkowice mine, SW Poland.

Polished rock chip made from permian limestone with copper ore.
rock chip
Limestone with bornite (orange) and covelline (blue)
Limestone with bornite (orange), chalcocite (blue), chalcopyrite (yellow).
Limestone with bornite (orange) replaced with covellite (blue) and chalcopyrite rim. In right corner chalcopyrite (yellow) with second type of bornite (light orange).
Limestone with bornite (orange) with chalcopyrite (yellow) rim, in the bornite also see the chalcocite small inclusions (light blue) and coveline replaces pyrite (dark blue)
Bornite (orange) with chalcocite (light blue)

Kamoto mine, copper ore.

Polished rock sample.
Bornite and chalcocite inclusion in carrollite - Cu(Co,Ni)2S4
Carrollite (light yellow cream), chalcocite (light blue), barite (orange)
Carrolite (light yellow creamy), chalcocite (light blue), bornite (orange)
Crrossed nicols, see very weak anisotropy of chalcocite (blue),
Bornite (orange) with chalcocite (light blue)
Bornite (orange) with chalcocite (light blue)

Serpentinite from Gogołów masiff, SW Poland.

Polished rock sample made from serpentinite.
Chromite (dark gray) with ferrichromite (light gray) and magnetite (light gray creme). Colours are darker than normally becouse of searching PGM in the chromite grains. Using darker light than normal the PGM are better visible if they are.
Normal colour of chromite with zones of ferrichromite and magnetite.
Chromite with ferrichromite and magnetite.