Petrographyc description of one polished thin section- 50.00 Euro

Petrographic description include a micro photographic documentation of main minerals textures and structures made in polish or british standard.



See our work and publications:


The chromian spinels of the Gogołów-Jordanów massif, SW Poland.

The Kupferschiefer in theWarka - IG1 borehole, Mazovia.

Deep Cu-Ag deposits – a chance for progress in the copper industry

Textures and geochemistry of silver minerals from Kupferschiefer in the western part of Fore-Sudetic Monocline.

Thin Sections   
(~30 micron thickness)

Standard thin section, 48mm x 28mm or 47x27mm- cover with glass

20 Euro/each
Polished block 48mmx28mm or polished ring - 1 inch
10 Euro/each

Polished thin section, (probe quality), 48mm x 28mm or 47x27 mm - uncover

25 Euro/each
Thick section for inclusion/double side polished (200 microns)
60 Euro/each
Grain thin section, 48mm x 28mm - uncover
30 Euro/each

Blue dye

plus 3 Euro/each
Special handling samples (kimberlite, clay, coal,  inclusions, etc)
30 - 50 EURO/each

Rock chip or thick section (0,5-1mm) on glass 15 Euro per each

Fluorescent dye + 5 Euro per each

Express work +50% of regular price.

Deadline of small works (0-50 samples) are made in 2 weeks

Express work and express delivery (DHL) are extra payd.