Minerals in transmited light.


The thin section made in our labolatory, obserwation taken with Delta Optical POL-1000-TRF; microphotography taken with UCMOS 3,2 MP PRO.  

Mica shists from Laos.

Chlorite with biotite and feldspars strongly altered by sericite

chlorite in thin section
Strzegom massiff - hornblende hornblende in thin section
Biotite almost all replaced by chlorite biotite replaced by chlorite
Strzegom massiff - plagioclase plagioclase in thin section
Sanakham - Laos, plagioclase strongly altered by calcium plagioclase altered in thin section
Strzegom - Massiff - Poland; plagioclase with hornblende plagioklaze with hornblende in thin section
Green hornblende green horblende thin section
Strzegom massiff - Poland; perthite and plagioclase thin section
Strzegom - massiff - Poland; zircon zircon in thin section
quartz myrmekite with feldspar quartz myrmekite thin section
Biotite strongly altered by chlorite biotite strongly altered by chlorite in thin section
Plagioclase strongly altered by saurericitization sausericitization thin section
The thin section in transmited light - quartz with calcite infil of cracks